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Pre-Nursing Advising



Students who are interested in pursuing Pre-Nursing should indicate Pre-Nursing as their area of interest on the Declaration of Major form. Declared students will then be assigned an advisor from our office. All students must meet with their advisor before Fall and Spring registration. Students who are also pursuing a major at UMBC should first plan to meet with their major advisor, and then consult their Pre-Nursing advisor. Students who are part of the UMSON/UMBC Partnership must meet with Ms. Kelly Simer.

We have provided a list of common pre-requisites necessary for admission to nursing schools. It is important to note that this list is not inclusive of all nursing schools. It is the responsibility of the student to communicate with schools you are interested in attending and determine what/if any additional requirements are needed.  A printable version of this list can be found below.

Requirement/Credits UMBC Course/Title Semester Offered Preferred Sequence
BIOLOGY (20) BIOL 101 (3):
Concepts of Biology
Fall 1st Yr, Fall
BIOL 233 (3):
Nutrition for Health Professions
Fall/Summer 2nd Yr, Fall
BIOL 251 (3):
Human Anatomy & Physiology I
(smaller section offered in Spring)
2nd Yr, Fall
BIOL 251L (1):
Human Anatomy & Physiology I Lab
(smaller section offered in Spring)
2nd Yr, Fall
BIOL 252 (3):
Human Anatomy & Physiology II
(smaller section offered in Fall)
2nd Yr, Spring
BIOL 252L (1):
Human Anatomy & Physiology II Lab
Spring/Summer 2nd Yr, Spring
BIOL 275 (3):
Spring/Summer 1st Yr, Spring
BIOL 275L (2):
Microbiology Lab
Spring/Summer 1st Yr, Spring
CHEMISTRY (9) CHEM 123 (4):
Intro to General Organic Chemistry & Biochemistry I
Fall/Summer 1st Yr, Fall
CHEM 124 (3):
Intro to General Organic Chemistry & Biochemistry II
Spring/Summer 1st Yr, Spring
CHEM 124L (2):
General Organic Chemistry & Biochemistry Lab
Spring/Summer 1st Yr, Spring
MATH 106 (3):
Algebra & Elementary Functions
Fall/Spring/Summer 1st Yr, Fall
STAT 121 (4):
Intro to Statistics for the Social Sciences
Fall/Spring/Summer Any Semester
(not recommended for 1st Yr, Fall)
ENGLISH (6) ENGL 100 (3):
Fall/Spring/Summer Any Semester
(preferred 1st Yr, Fall or Spring)
ENGL *** (3):
English Literature Elective
Fall/Spring/Summer Any Semester
Intro to Psychology
Fall/Spring/Summer Any Semester
(preferred 1st Yr, Fall or Spring)
PSYC 306 (3):
Lifespan of Human Development
Spring 1st or 2nd Yr, Spring
SOCY 101 (3):
Basics Concepts in Sociology
Fall/Spring/Summer Any Semester
SS *** (3):
Fall/Spring/Summer Any Semester
ARTS & HUMANITIES (9) AH *** (9):
Electives – (no studio courses)
Fall/Spring/Summer Any Semester

Printable Pre-Nursing Pre-Reqs

Additional Electives to Consider