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Education is Everywhere

Learning Continues After You Turn the Tassel

May 11, 2017 12:02 PM

Just because you are about to leave the classroom behind (unless you are planning to attend graduate school), doesn’t mean that learning stops after you turn the tassel.  

Education is everywhere. By committing yourself to lifelong learning, you are choosing to intentionally seek out opportunities for growth and development, beyond what you learned at UMBC. 

Lifelong learning can come in a variety of forms, including, but not limited to: meeting and engaging with new people, traveling, community involvement, reading and keeping up to speed on current events, pursuing career opportunities, certificate programs, and picking up new hobbies! 

Below are a few tips/resources to becoming a lifelong learner:  

  • UMBC Graduate School: If you plan on pursing an advanced degree, look no further! You'll be proud to know that your very own alma mater is ranked among the top tier of research universities! Visit the Graduate School web site to learn more about our exciting program offerings!  

  • UMBC Division of Professional Studies: Already have a job lined up but still interested in continuing your education? UMBC's Division of Professional Studies has courses, certificates and programs, designed to fit the busy schedule of the working professional. Courses are offered in hybrid format and in-person at our Catonsville campus, Columbia, and The Universities at Shady Grove in Rockville, MD. 

  • UMBC Training Centers: If you are looking to gain a new skill and need flexible and affordable options, you may want to visit our Training Centers. High quality, flexible professional education and training opportunities are available year-round! Some courses are open to all individuals (no application needed)!  

  • Remain active: Clubs/organizations are available outside of college! A simple Google search will direct you to a variety of local activities where you can participate, take lessons from aerobics, to sports, to even learning a new language! is an excellent resource for connecting with people who share similar interests!  

  • Build your brand: Our Career Center is not just for current students! Alumni can make connections through various services that the Career Center offers. Seek out professional development opportunities within your workplace, including conferences, workshops, mentoring programs, or leadership trainings. Now that you are in a real-world setting, there will be other skills you will need to learn!  

  • Stay in touch: As your graduating class prepares to travel down different paths, you will have so much to offer one another as you gain further knowledge and life experiences. By staying in touch with former classmates, you may encounter opportunities to collaborate in work or network in a field different than your own. To start, you can join UMBC’s Chapter of Young Alumni, open to graduates of the last decade. Membership is free via the UMBC Alumni Association, which offers chances for networking and fun throughout the year. 

Life after college is what you make of it. Keep an eye open to the countless experiences that are waiting for you outside of UMBC. Your very next lesson may be one that carries you through life!  

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