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Four Simple Steps to Apply for Graduation

September 12, 2017 9:47 AM
The end is in sight! If you've earned 90 or more academic credits, you received a message from the Registrar's office informing you that you are eligible to apply for graduation.

However, eligibility is only the start of the graduation application process. Below are four simple steps you can take now to ensure that you'll soon be shaking hands with Dr. Hrabowski as you receive your UMBC diploma.

Note: Even if you do not plan to attend the commencement ceremony, you still need to apply to graduate in order to earn your degree.

Step 1: Apply for Graduation!

Friday, September 15th is the last day undergraduates can apply for December Graduation.

Only those students who have every single requirement needed for degree completion on their fall semester schedules will be permitted to participate in the Commencement ceremony.

If you are taking a course at another institution that you plan to transfer, you must have an approved Verification of Transferability form on file with the Registrar’s Office and be prepared to submit a copy of your schedule.

Step 2: Embrace your degree audit!

Your degree audit indicates your progress toward degree completion. If you see “unsatisfied” items, these are requirements that appear to be missing and need to be addressed immediately. Your degree audit is located on myUMBC, under the guide link “Advising and Student Support.”

Makesure any substitutions or waivers of major requirements are documented in your degree audit; you may need to submit a Help/RT ticket to the Registrar’s Office to add these notations to your record.

Step 3: Wrap up any outstanding details ASAP!

If you have Advanced Placement or CLEP scores, transfer transcripts, foreign language waivers, or other items you need to provide to UMBC, delay no longer!  If the major, minor, or certificate program on your record is out of date, or if you have additional majors or minors that you need to remove, submit a new Declaration of Major form.  Any of these items could prevent you from being able to graduate, making it seem as though you are not finished with your degree requirements.

Step 4: Let the celebration begin!

Participating in the commencement ceremony* and other celebratory activities on campus is the culmination of all of your hard work. Take time to recognize all it took to get you to this moment and be proud of your accomplishments!

Finally, use the link below to check your Honors eligibility, which will be recognized at the ceremony and on your diploma.


Graduation Application OnLine & Honors Eligibility

UMBC Graduation WIKI

Verification of Transferability Form

Declaration of Major Form

Foreign Language Equivalency Form

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