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Professional Socializing

March 27, 2020 1:45 PM

Written by Jenika Brown, OAPA Peer Advisor

It’s time to dispel the notion that taking advantage of people is bad! Okay, before you judge, let me explain. You shouldn’t take advantage of people, but more so the opportunities around you. As a student at UMBC, you are literally surrounded by professionals who are in your desired career field, know people in that field, or are able to provide you with the fundamentals that you need for this field…take advantage of that while you can. It’s as easy as 1,2,3! Keep reading to see how.

Make everyone your advisor!

Believe it or not, the successful professionals around you had to discover themselves, their path, and their passion…just like you. Just asking a professional in your field(s) of interest about their story will open your eyes and doors to countless opportunities! Remember, establishing a good rapport with professionals around you can lead to letters of recommendation, internships, jobs, etc.

Use social media like a pro!

First impressions are everything, and for your potential employer this can mean social media. Forget Instagram; Snapchat; or Facebook, LinkedIn is the place to be!

LinkedIn is a social media site catered to building professional connections. As opposed to funny videos and cool selfies, your LinkedIn profile works as an interactive resume. You can list your credentials, join professional groups, and search and apply for jobs!

P.S.- There’s a UMBC Alumni group on LinkedIn, click here to follow them now!

P.S.S.- Make sure you have a professional email handy, i.e.- your first and last name and minimal numbers.

Start right here at UMBC!

Where better to learn how to effectively network than the Career Center? In addition to hosting a plethora of events that function to further your professional endeavors, like the Career Fair and informational sessions, there are plenty of helpful sources available to you online such as: Networking 101, 10 Effective Tips for Networking, Informational Interviews

Community work is always important and a bonus, and the Shriver Center has plenty of programs, mentorships, etc. that are based in vital civic duties/community service. Click here to learn more about the Programs and Initiatives The Shriver Center sponsors!

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