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Featured Employer: FDM Group

March 31, 2020 12:50 PM
The UMBC Career Center is excited to spotlight FDM Group, a Bronze Level member of the center’s partnership program.  FDM is a global IT and business services provider with centers across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific and over 200 prestigious clients around the world.  University Relationship Manager, Deana Carter, tells us about the best parts of working at FDM Group.

FDM Group is currently recruiting for two entry-level full-time positions:

Summer Graduate Business Consultant – UMBCworks 9315212
Summer Graduate Technical Consultant – UMBCworks 9315214

If you had to describe FDM Group in three words, what would they be?

Inclusive, dynamic and innovative

What is the number one thing you look for in a new team member?

Above everything else I look for individuals who are excited to learn and develop new skills.  A lot of what we do at FDM involves growth and development since we offer an extensive technical training program, so a desire to grow, learn and develop skills is absolutely necessary to be successful at FDM.

How do you describe FDM Group culture?  What makes you excited to work here?

Our culture is unique. From charity partnerships to networking events, we are proud to provide a range of opportunities for FDMers to get involved, broaden their networks and help build relationships. Not to mention our renowned diverse workforce - in 2018 we were awarded Diversity Employer of the Year and we continue to prove that we’re inclusive by nature through our initiatives including Women in Tech.

Can you tell us about the career development options available at FDM Group?  Specifically, for entry level employees?

Career development is a huge focus at FDM.  All entry level employees take part in a 10-16 weeks technical training program.  This provides them the opportunity to learn different business concepts and improve their knowledge of operating systems and coding languages. This opportunity allows our consultants to up-skill after graduation and gain the skills necessary to get their tech careers off the ground.

What makes you enjoy going to work and how does the culture promote that?  What about the office encourages that supportive environment and culture?

I’m happy to call myself an FDMer. FDM provides a platform for employees to work alongside individuals across the globe. We embrace our diverse workforce by hosting special events inclusive of all cultures. At FDM, we have an internal network, known as the L.E.A.D network, devoted to our diversity and inclusion initiatives.  The L.E.A.D network’s mission is to promote a work environment in which FDMers feel supported and valued regardless of their ethnicity and race, and do so by hosting informative events during Black History Month, Diwali, Lunar New Year and many more. We proudly support our LGTBQ+ community through our internal Pride network, providing a space for FDMers to be their authentic selves, and creating an open and inclusive environment through education and representation.

Why did you originally choose to work for FDM Group?

When I decided to accept my role with FDM I was really attracted to the focus on learning and development FDM offers. I came from a background of working in higher ed with students, so a comment I heard a lot was that even for entry level roles, employers wanted 1-3 years of experience. Many times students wouldn’t have the opportunity to get this required experience before graduation and would get frustrated. This is what attracted me most to FDM – that we offer technical training and get college graduates their first 2 years of experience in the technology industry. We’re able to eliminate the “catch-22” of a degree without experience and provide opportunities to individuals looking to start their career.

Do you have any examples or remember a specific time that you loved working with your team?

I love everyone I work with! Right now, we’re all working remotely due to the current pandemic situation, but we work really hard to remain engaged with each other.  It’s been somewhat challenging adapting to this new normal, but my team has really rallied and has risen the new challenges we’re presented with. We have calls every morning and every afternoon and also have daily team emails where we share what our goals are each day. While I’ve always loved working with my team at FDM I feel like we’ve truly come together during this crisis to ensure everyone is supported and we’re still able to work together toward accomplishing shared goals.

What positions are you currently hiring for?

We’re currently hiring for Junior Technical Business Analysts and Junior Software Developers to start this summer. You can find these roles posted to UMBCWorks or on our website at:

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