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Recharge with Summer Reflection

Questions to ask yourself at the end of the academic year

May 13, 2020 12:37 PM

It has been quite a year, to say the least! 

We have witnessed UMBC grit at its finest. Together, our campus community has worked hard to remain connected, and has pressed forward in the midst of great adversity and uncertain times.  

We are all still adjusting to the changes brought on by COVID-19, and we know that it is still on the forefront of most every student’s mind. It may be difficult to remember what the academic year was like before we became a virtual community.  

However, as spring semester winds down, we encourage you to approach the summer season as a time of well-earned rest and reflection. Recognize the growth and development that took place over the entirety of this past year and be proud of your accomplishments. Identify any obstacles or challenges you faced and take the opportunity to develop new goals and/or strategies that will better position you for the road ahead. 

Consider the following: 

Academically, what kind of year did I have?

  • What were my successes and what were my challenges?
  • Did I complete as many credits and courses as I had planned?
  • How did I fair in the transition to online classes? If I enroll in future online courses, what adjustments should I make in terms of time management and/or communicating with my instructors? 

TipReview your class schedule for fall semester and make sure it still makes sense given the academic year you just completed (i.e.- do you need to repeat a class? Are you enrolled in too many credits?). 

Tip:Consider taking online summer courses as a way to catch-up or get ahead. Summer registration is still open and doesn’t require advising clearance. Remember, Finish 15 to stay on track!

Note: If you have still not registered for fall semester and are in need of advising assistance, please contact the Office for Academic & Pre-Professional Advising at 

What was my social/extra-curricular involvement like?

  • Did I get involved on or off-campus in activities/events that interest me?How well did I balance my social and academic life?
  • What lessons did I learn from getting involved? 

Tip: It’s never too late to get involved. If you are looking for opportunities on campus, be sure to check out the following sites:  

What is my current satisfaction and confidence level with my academic major?

  • What aspects of my major am I enjoying and what uncertainties do I still have?
  • How does what I'm studying impact my future career goals?
  • If you are still undecided or are considering changing your major: what steps can I take to make progress towards a decision? 

Tip: If you are still exploring career options related to your academic major, spend time this summer talking to people who have careers that interest you. 

Tip:Check out the self-exploration resources online via UMBC’s Career Center 

Tip: Participate in The Major Event during the fall semester. Stay tuned for updates!  

Financially, where am I right now?

  • How did I budget my money during the academic year?
  • Do I have concerns about paying tuition or funding other aspects of college?
  • Am I aware of the financial tools and resources available to me as a UMBC student? 

Tip:Check out the status of your student account on myUMBC (under the topic Billing & Personal Finances) to be sure everything is in order. 

Tip:Explore the Financial Smarts @ UMBC website for great information on financing your education, living on a budget, and the concept of credit. 

Finally, if you need support this summer, please know that UMBC is still up and running virtually! Click here to access the COVID-19 student site for a centralized list of campus contact information and resources. 

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