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Announcing UMBC Intern Week!

Stay tuned for insider tips and exciting opportunities

October 11, 2020 10:30 PM

You've probably heard it before: Internships are crucial to landing a job after college. So, how do you find that perfect internship to build your experience, expand your connections, and take you one step closer to your future career... even during a pandemic?

Good news... this week (October 12-16) is UMBC Intern Week! The Career Center is here to give you the scoop on landing the internship of your dreams. 

Here's how to engage:

  • Follow us here on myUMBC for insider tips on the internship search process
  • Follow us on Twitter for exciting, currently available internship opportunities, posted all week
  • Join us for How to Land Your Dream Internship on Wednesday, October 14, 12-12:45, including insights from successful past UMBC interns

Take the advice of outstanding UMBC intern Liam on why internships are so essential to your future marketability and networking potential (video):

"During my internship, I got to meet many of the company's top execs, including the CEO. I met so many people that my LinkedIn connections quintupled over the summer." 

COVID-19 may have altered or delayed your internship plans, but now is a great time to start looking to the future and your path toward an amazing career.

Questions? Contact the Career Center's Internships & Employment Team at

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