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Careers at the Central Intelligence Agency

Your Unique Perspectives can keep our Nation STRONG

February 22, 2021 8:51 AM


In the tide of human affairs, a handful of  crucial, world-altering moments create  profound change. That’s why, every day,  in a thousand ways, the men and women  of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)  collect, assimilate, analyze and report  information that is necessary to support  policy decisions in a rapidly changing world.  You can be on the sidelines, learning about  global events in the newspaper, on TV  or on the Web. Or, you could be in the  CIA Operations Center at an analyst’s  workstation, in a translator’s role or on the  forefront of intelligence collection.  

It’s more than possible – it’s probable –  when you choose a career with the  CIA. You’ll be involved in the work of a  nation, at the center of intelligence. 

This is no ordinary job. It requires  extraordinary integrity combined with  intellectual curiosity, perception, analytic  ability and strong communication skills to  work as part of a team. 


Work with the best. Become a part of America’s premier intelligence  agency. There are countless opportunities for students and professionals to  contribute their talents to our mission: 


At the CIA, analysts are charged with understanding and anticipating  developments around the world, providing unique insights through written  assessments and briefings to US policymakers to head off national security  threats and provide strategic advantage to the United States. We analyze  the full spectrum of functional, geographic and technical issues that can both  challenge and give opportunity to the United States today.


Digital Innovation Officers: 

Within the CIA, Digital Innovation Officers accelerate technological  advancement across all mission activities. These experts collaborate  to form a powerful engine of creativity, integration and rigor. From  developing the tools needed to excel in the cyber arena to optimizing our  business operations, we ensure that the men and women of the Agency  are equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly  changing world in which they operate.

Directorate of Operations Officers: 

The CIA’s Directorate of Operations (DO) is the cutting edge of  American intelligence. It is an elite corps, collecting and disseminating vital  information needed by US policymakers, the military and law enforcement  services to protect the national security interests of the American people.  Individuals serving in the DO face new challenges every day, in a world with  increasingly complex and constantly changing issues. 

Science and Technology Officers:

With today’s challenges, it is more important than ever for the CIA to stay ahead of global technology developments. The work  we are presently undertaking allows us to meet the Agency’s  mission through leadership in a wide range of scientific and  technical disciplines. We need scientists and engineers who can  develop and apply sophisticated ways of communicating and  collecting information. You’ll work on technology so advanced  it’s classified. 

Skilled Professionals: 

It takes a wide variety of highly talented professionals to help the  CIA meet its mission. These are the individuals who keep the CIA  running by maintaining an operation the size of a global corporation.  Available positions range from accountants to attorneys and from  physicians to language instructors, just to name a few. 


When you participate in any CIA student program, you  enter a unique world where our professionals work on  international developments of all kinds – political, economic,  military, technical, scientific, environmental and social. We  encourage trustworthy, mature college students to contribute  to our mission through the Undergraduate Co-Op Program,  Undergraduate Internship Program, Graduate Studies Program,  and Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarship Programs. You’ll  work in the Washington, DC suburbs in an environment where  you won’t just be reading about international events – your work  will be part of the story.



In addition to earning competitive pay, the CIA offers its  employees many benefits competitive with the private sector.  These include paid time off, federal health and life insurance,  retirement investment options, education and training, health  services, and work-life programs and resources. The CIA also  has a state-of-the-art language program that provides monetary  incentives to employees for learning, maintaining and using foreign  languages on the job.


Given the CIA’s critical role in national security, all applicants must  be US citizens, and must successfully complete a thorough medical  and psychological exam, a polygraph interview and an extensive  background investigation before becoming CIA employees. To be  eligible for employment, candidates must meet GPA requirements  and be willing to relocate to the Washington Metropolitan Area.  The minimum age requirement is 18. Some occupations require  testing as part of the interview process. 

The CIA is America’s premier intelligence agency and is committed to  building and maintaining a workforce as diverse as the nation it serves.


For additional information and to apply, visit:


An equal opportunity employer and a drug-free workforce.