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Maximizing your Use of LinkedIn

Are you making the most of LinkedIn?

February 23, 2021 3:13 PM

You may be thinking, “LinkedIn, I know all about it!” Creating your profile is, of course, the first step in building your online professional presence. You want to develop a profile that captures your background and experiences effectively so that you stand out.  However, LinkedIn extends far beyond your profile!

LinkedIn can be used to:

Build your Network:

·      It allows you to build and maintain connections. For example, you had a virtual chat with a recruiter at a networking event. Your next step should be to connect with that recruiter via LinkedIn by sending a personalized message.  Your message should refer to the event where you met.

Learn from and Engage with Alumni:

·      Use the Alumni Tool to search alumni by what they studied, where they work, etc. This can help you identify potential career paths.

·      If someone has a path you would like to learn more about, invite them to connect by sending a personalized message. You can then request an informational interview to gain valuable insight into the career path of interest. 

Search and Apply to Positions:

·      Use the LinkedIn job portal to find internships and full-time positions.

·      Set your job seeking preference in your profile settings.

·      Follow companies of interest so that you are updated on the latest news regarding that organization.


LinkedIn also provides some resources for students on how to use the site.

Questions? Schedule an appointment with a Career Center advisor to discuss how to effectively use your LinkedIn account and get your profile reviewed.




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