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Campus Support for Major Exploration

October 21 / 1:30-2:00pm & 2:00- 2:30pm

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**Attendees will receive a free Major Event t-shirt and sticker (sent directly in the mail)**

It’s not just academic advisors and department representatives who can help you with the major exploration/decision-making process!

Join us for a 30-minute panel session (two time options available) to learn about four campus offices that can support students who are exploring majors and/or who are looking for co-curricular opportunities within their major.

  • Academic Success Center – Dr. Delana Gregg, Director, Academic Learning Resources, Assessment & Analysis
  • Career Center – Caroline Bodnar, Assistant Director for Career Development
  • Education Abroad Office – Rose Malone, Education Abroad Advisor
  • The Shriver Center – Eloise Grose, Assistant Director, Applied Learning & Community Engagement