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Welcome to the Majors Fair!

October 21/ 11:30am-1:00pm


Below you will see a list of majors/programs represented at today’s fair. Want to learn more or connect live with a department representative? Follow these simple directions:

  1. Make sure Webex Teams is downloaded on your computer/phone
  2. Click the Webex Link in a major/program’s last column to enter into their Webex Teams space (you’ll be prompted to enter your UMBC email first).
  3. Once in the space, you can explore any content the major/program has added to the Message or Content areas. You can also type a question in the message area and a department representative will respond.
  4. All department representatives will also be available to talk live via video/audio chat. If you are interested in talking live, click the green button (it will have a timer running on it) in the left-hand sidebar. There may be other students in this live space as well.
  5.  Have fun! You can visit as many major/program spaces as you’d like – just come back to this page to select a new space. Department representatives will only be live during the event, but all content in the Webex Teams spaces will still be available after the event.

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Major Description Learn More!
Acting The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting is a degree option for students interested in an intensive performance program leading to the pursuit of graduate study and/or careers in professional acting. These students immerse themselves in advanced technique in acting, voice, and movement courses, and learn the application of these skills to characterization in a wide range of productions in which they perform. WEBEX
Africana Studies Africana Studies provides students of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds the opportunity to gain detailed knowledge of African Diasporan experience. Through rigorous course work , students gain a comprehensive overview of the contribution of African peoples to world history, as well as their literary, artistic, political, psychological, scientific, and technological contributions in the Americas, Africa, and other parts of the world. WEBEX
American Studies American Studies is the ideal major for students interested in issues of identity, culture, diversity, race and ethnic studies, social justice, immigration, and community-based scholarship. The interdisciplinary nature of the program, its emphasis on civic engagement in the learning process, and the development of critical thinking and writing skills for original student research are trademarks. WEBEX
Ancient Studies The interdisciplinary rigor of the Ancient Studies major sharpens students’ linguistic and analytical skills and trains them to reason from a wide array of evidence. The major encompasses 3,500 years of human endeavor in four distinct but interrelated disciplines: Greek and Latin language, literature, history, and archaeology. WEBEX
Asian Studies The Asian Studies program offers broad opportunities for our students to explore the history, culture, languages and literature, societies, politics, economics, philosophy, art and music of Asia. The program equips students with the knowledge and skills—including foreign languages—to help prepare them for various professional paths related to Asia, such as advanced academic research, international relations/business/trade/law and governmental service. WEBEX
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Biochemistry and Molecular Biology provides a broad background in the physical and life sciences, drawing from the Biology and Chemistry disciplines as well as specific biochemistry courses. It is suitable for students planning careers in laboratory research or further training in graduate, medical, or other biomedical professional programs, such as medicine, dentistry, and medical technology. WEBEX
Bioinformatics & Computational Biology Bioinformatics and Computational Biology consists of a roughly equal amount of coursework in life sciences, computer science, and mathematics. By developing skills across several disciplines, students acquire the knowledge that allows them to access and manipulate the wealth of data now emerging from new technologies relating to genes, genomes and the molecules they produce. WEBEX
Biological Sciences / Biology Education The B.S. program is appropriate for students desiring a focused, in-depth grounding in all the essential elements of the biological sciences, and is particularly suitable for students intending to pursue graduate study in biology or in the health sciences. It also prepares students to function effectively in a variety of technical and laboratory research settings.

The B.A. program is designed for students who want to pursue a career in a health-related profession or those interested in training in an allied health field. It is also  for students wanting to combine another area of study—such as business, environmental studies, law, or science writing—with a solid background in biology.

The B.A. in Biology Education is for students interested in teaching Biology at the secondary level.

Interested in Pre-Med or Pre-Dental? Access their space here!

Business Technology Administration The B.A. program is designed for students who want a basic education in the use of IT for various business purposes. It is less technical in nature than the B.S. program and the focus of the courses is on using IT of different types to solve problems that arise in a business setting. WEBEX
Chemistry/Chemistry Education Chemistry majors will choose between a B.S. program and a B.A. program. Additionally, the B.A. in Chemistry Education is for students interested in teaching Chemistry at the secondary level. WEBEX
Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineers develop manufacturing processes for a wide variety of applications including food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, biotechnology and environmental technology, including creating new vaccines and antibiotics to cleaning up air and water pollution. The B.S. program offers students three tracks: Traditional, Biotechnology/Bio-Engineering, Environmental Engineering & Sustainability. WEBEX
Computer Engineering Computer Engineering focuses on problems that arise from hardware, hardware development, and the close integration of software and hardware devices. The computer engineering program provides a practical and theoretical background in computer hardware, software, interfacing, and design. WEBEX
Computer Science Computer Science concentrates on issues in computer applications and software development. Graduates of the computer science program are well prepared for advanced studies and for problem-solving across the breadth of the discipline: theory, design, architecture, development and application of computers and computer systems. WEBEX
Cultural Anthropology Anthropology is the worldwide comparative study of humankind, present and past. The subfield of cultural anthropology examines the relationship of culture, human meaning, and the social, political, and economic forces that affect our worlds. Our Cultural Anthropology major provides students with an understanding of cultural diversity, human social organization and social structure, and social research methods. WEBEX
Dance Focused primarily on modern dance and contemporary methods of work, the dance curriculum gives students opportunities to develop strong technique, composition, and performance. By studying the history of dance and related courses, students also gain an understanding of the origins of dance, cultural traditions of dance, and the changing world of contemporary dance. WEBEX
Education/Middle Grades STEM The Department of Education has certification programs in early childhood education, elementary education, and secondary education. All teacher candidates at UMBC complete an academic major and the certification area of their choice.

The department offers a B.S. in Middle Grades STEM Education. The completion of this degree is an approved pathway by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) for students who want to be certified to teach middle grades (grades 4 – 9) mathematics and science.

Emergency Health Services The major objective of EHS is to prepare students for work in various occupational settings relating to emergency health services. The program stresses academic and clinical abilities, interpersonal and leadership skills, and the capacity for appropriate judgment. The department offers a B.S. in Emergency Health Services with two concentrations: management or paramedic. WEBEX
Environmental Science & Geography The B.S. in Environmental Science & Geography requires more coursework in math and natural science, as well as upper level courses in physical geography and environmental science. It also requires upper-level human/physical geography and environmental science and environmental policy courses. WEBEX
English English majors will choose between two tracks. The Literature Track provides a comprehensive overview of English and American literature, with strong emphasis on the development of student writing skills. The Communication and Technology Track offers courses in written and spoken communications, with particular emphasis on the critical analysis of media and technology. WEBEX
Economics Economics draws on history, philosophy and mathematics to confront topics ranging from how households or businesses can make solid decisions to societal issues such as unemployment, inflation, crime and environmental decay. WEBEX
Financial Economics Financial economics focuses on financial markets and topics ranging from financing of corporations and government, to the pricing of financial assets such as bonds, stocks, derivative securities and real estate assets.

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Gender, Women’s + Sexuality Studies Gender, Women’s, + Sexuality Studies critically examines the intersections of genders and sexualities with race, nation, class, religion, and other aspects of identity to make visible the structures of power that otherwise remain hidden. WEBEX
Geography & Environmental Studies The B.A. in Geography & Environmental Studies requires more coursework in human/environmental policy geography, in addition to upper-level human or physical geography and environmental science and environmental policy courses. WEBEX
Global Studies Global studies is the academic study of globalization, the processes and interactions that have converted the world into a single interdependent whole. Global studies is built on the acknowledgement that political power, economic influence, and cultural norms are not determined solely within nation states but are also influenced by actors such as international organizations, multinational corporations, transnational and subnational groups, and non-governmental organizations. WEBEX
Health Administration & Policy The Health Administration and Policy program (HAPP) is designed for students who plan to seek employment in one of a variety of administrative, policy-related, research-related, or health careers. The department offers a B.A. in Health Administration and Policy in one of three tracks: health services administration, health policy, or public health. WEBEX
History History is excellent preparation for careers in government service, education, business, communications, and management. History gradates have skills in research, writing, and analysis valued by employers. History’s investigative and analytical skills also prepare students for law school, graduate school, or other professional programs. WEBEX
Individualized Study The Individualized Study Program awards both B.A. and B.S. degrees to UMBC undergraduates who work with INDS staff and two degree mentors to create an individualized education program. The program teaches a core curriculum of INDS classes to guide each student through a process of identifying and exploring the connections between the different insights offered by these disciplines. WEBEX
Information Systems The B.S. program prepares students for all potential career positions in the IS field. These include: Systems Analysis and Design, Computer Networking and Health Care Informatics. WEBEX
Management of Aging Services The B.A. in Management of Aging Services provides a strong knowledge base in human aging; understanding of regulatory, policy, and fiscal issues involved in aging service provision; and fundamental management skills (i.e., accounting, human resources, critical thinking, and negotiation). WEBEX
Mathematics Students can pursue a B.A. or B.S. degree in Mathematics. Within both programs, students can choose from the following concentration areas: Graduate Studies, Applied Mathematics, Optimization and Operations Research, Actuarial Science, Statistical Sciences, and Mathematics Education. WEBEX
Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering employs principles of physics and chemistry and knowledge from the fields of mathematics, mechanics and materials science for the analysis, design, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems. WEBEX
Media & Communication Studies The B.A. in Media and Communication Studies offers majors a critical and practical understanding of the dynamic and complex changes in communication, culture, and knowledge within a traditional rigorous liberal arts emphasis on reading, writing, and reflection. The program emphasizes critical media literacy, intercultural communication, and new media and applied communication. WEBEX
Modern Languages, Linguistics & Intercultural Communication MLLI offers an innovative, multi-disciplinary program with a triple focus: language, literature and society. Courses are offered in Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Russian and Spanish, as well as linguistics and intercultural communication. Students can major in French, Spanish, German, Russian, a combination of any two of these languages, language and cultural studies or applied linguistics. WEBEX
Music The Music Department offers excellent large ensembles balanced with small classes in music theory, musicianship, music history or jazz. Music majors chose an area of emphasis in performance, performance/musicology, composition, music technology or music education. WEBEX
Philosophy Philosophy has ancient roots, predating the division of major areas of human inquiry into distinct fields. Today, philosophers  investigate a set of foundational questions: What is knowledge? What exists? What is the best life for human beings? Is the state justified? What is the nature of beauty? Do human beings have free will? What counts as a good explanation in science and other fields? WEBEX
Physics / Physics Education Physics majors can choose between two tracks. The B.S. sequence provides preparation for graduate school and career entry. The B.A. in Physics Education is designed for students interested in a career in high school teaching. WEBEX
Political Science Political Science is a liberal arts major that helps a student to think more critically about political matters, to better understand what is going on in the world, to make reasoned value-choices about contemporary political issues and to overcome personal alienation from political life. WEBEX
Psychology The B.A. program is designed for students with an interest in human behavior, social and community services, personality theories, developmental issues and a wide variety of other focus areas. The B.S. program focuses on an interdisciplinary approach and is designed for students with an interest in research and the biological aspects of human and animal behavior. WEBEX
Social Work The Social Work major prepares students for beginning generalist social work practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities. Students learn a range of skills and techniques that will enable them to intervene effectively in addressing social problems. WEBEX
Sociology Broadly speaking, sociology is the study of society, social behavior, groups and social institutions. The field of sociology offers a range of distinctive theoretical perspectives and research techniques to investigate all aspects of the social world. WEBEX
Statistics Students pursuing a B.S. in Statistics will choose between two tracks: Mathematical Statistics or Applied Statistics. WEBEX
Theatre Theatre majors will choose between two tracks. The Theatre Studies Track is for students interested in developing an array of skills in both technical production and performance. In the Design & Production Track, several areas of design/theatre production are offered, including stage management, scenery, costuming, lighting, and sound. WEBEX
Translational Life Science Technology The B.S. in Translational Life Science Technology is a unique degree designed for students who want to be competitive in the biotechnology industry. This degree program combines the theory of a traditional life science degree with hands-on, real-world applications of the process for turning scientific discoveries into life-saving solutions. MAJOR ONLY AT UMBC-SHADY GROVE. WEBEX
UMB Dental Hygiene The Dental Hygiene Program at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry combines an outstanding curriculum with the state-of-the-art advantages of the dental school environment. Dental hygiene students provide comprehensive patient care under the supervision of clinical faculty. WEBEX
UMB School of Pharmacy Through its education, research, and service programs, the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy (UMSOP) strives to improve the health and well-being of society by aiding in the discovery, development, and use of medicines. UMSOP leads pharmacy education, scientific discovery, patient care, and community engagement across the state of Maryland and beyond. WEBEX
UMES PA Program The Physician Assistant Department is a master degree granting educational program of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES). The program promotes health and wellness through the provision of quality primary care health education, in a diverse environment that values the discovery of knowledge, the development and dissemination, and practical application of that knowledge through community outreach and service. WEBEX
Visual Arts/ Design The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Visual Arts offer unique opportunities to investigate an array of courses in art history, animation, interactive forms, film, graphic design, photography, video, print media and foundation. WEBEX