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Major Spotlights

Thursday, October 3rd / 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. / UC Ballroom Lounge, UC 310, UC 312

Several of UMBC’s departments will showcase ways to experience what it’s like to pursue a particular major, including a special session entitled “How Do I Talk With My Parents About My Desired Major?” Check a session, time and location below.  Enjoy & engage!

1:00-2:00pm Sessions

  • Information Systems/Business Technology Administration – UC 312
    • The BTA program trains students for management positions in the growing job field of Information Systems. It is an interdisciplinary program developing practical knowledge for integration of computers, organizational processes, and people into effective and efficient systems.  Through a variety of courses such as human resources management, project management, business law, ethics, and operations management, they learn the skills to be successful managers, analysts and, administrators in an IS organization.  In addition, BTA students will experience working with companies on projects that analyze systems and research solutions for implementation in small and large enterprises.  BTA graduates have a broad range of career opportunities with 87% being employed upon graduation.
  • Management of Aging Services – UC Ballroom Lounge
    • The Erickson School of Aging Studies offers interdisciplinary education to prepare future leaders in the Business of Aging. With a core emphasis on management, policy, and engaging with real-world application to develop innovative solutions, Management of Aging Services B.A. (39 credits) is a career-oriented degree program dedicated to improving the lives of older adults. A Minor option is also available (18 credits). Each program offers diverse elective options, to include but not limited to, ECON, HAPP, IS, PSYC, and SOWK. Students are encouraged to consider declaring either a major or minor in Management of Aging Services if they are pursuing the following fields:
      • Business Management and Administration
      • Engineering
      • Health and Human Services
      • Hospitality Management
      • Social Science
      • Law
      • Information Systems/ Technology

      The largest and wealthiest demographic impacted by these fields are adults aged 50 years and up. The potential for progress and opportunities for future change are endless! Become a leader in the Longevity Economy. Declare a major in Management of Aging Services!

  • Music – UC 310
    • Welcome to Music at UMBC!  We are excited to meet you, whether as a potential music major or minor, or as an ensemble performer. Information about all of these endeavors is available here on our website:  UMBC’s Music Department provides the one-on-one attention undergraduates need to flourish as young musicians within the resources of a small research university. Our successful graduates are professional musicians, music educators, music technologists, entrepreneurs, and scholars throughout the United States. 

2:00-3:00pm Sessions

  • Ken Baron “How do I talk to my parents about my desired major?” – UC 310
    • Parents often worry about the “perceived” value of certain majors with respect to jobs and graduate schools.  Through the effective use of professional association projections, labor statistics, and graduate/professional school expectations – you can educate them (and yourself) on how majors are accounted for in the real world!  Take part in a collaborative discussion with Dr. Ken Baron regarding strategies to help parents understand your academic goals through more “informed dialog” strategies
  • Howard University – Pre-Pharmacy – UC 312
    • The College of Pharmacy has been among the leaders in the preparation of individuals for rewarding careers in pharmacy. The College of Pharmacy currently offers an entry level four-year Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree program, a two-year post-B.S. Pharm.D. degree program, a Non-traditional Pharm.D. degree program, and the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences. The deadline to apply for our upcoming Fall 2020 program is March 3rd 2020.
  • Global Studies – UC Ballroom Lounge
    • The Global Studies Program combines interdisciplinary coursework, foreign languages, and study abroad to facilitate broad inquiry into the ecological, economic, cultural, ideological, and political issues of our day. Tracing the roots of these phenomena across time and place, GLBL students study and research global phenomena. Our undergraduate majors travel the world to study languages and cultures, on campus they study the global-local nexus and work on many projects, including the cultivation of urban green spaces and the resettlement of refugee families in Baltimore. The Global Studies Program at UMBC is answering the call for college graduates with global competence. The first graduates of this program that began in 2013 are busy at work in a variety of settings both at home and abroad. Join our Global Studies community at UMBC and join the 21st Century global workplace!