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Suspension and Dismissal

Academic Suspension

At the end of the third consecutive semester of poor academic performance, a student will be suspended from the university. In other words, three consecutive semesters during which the cumulative GPA was below 2.00 will result in Academic Suspension, unless the student has achieved a 2.00 or higher semester GPA for the most recent semester. If the student’s most recent performance showed improvement (was at the 2.00 or higher level for the term), the student may remain at UMBC on Academic Probation.

Academic Suspension is noted on the suspended student’s permanent transcript.

A student who is suspended is not eligible to attend UMBC for the upcoming regular semester (Fall or Spring), although they may take Winter Session or Summer Session courses in the term immediately following the suspension. The suspended student remains ineligible to enroll in courses at UMBC until they enroll in another college or university, complete at least 12 academic credits with at least a 2.5 GPA, and apply for reinstatement.

Suspended students who have already registered for the upcoming semester (Fall or Spring) during Advance Registration or General Registration will have their schedules canceled. Any housing or dining contracts will also be canceled. Suspended students are ineligible to participate in campus organizations or to hold leadership roles at UMBC.

A student who receives a notice of Academic Suspension is given an opportunity to provide supplementary information in writing explaining any unusual circumstances that affected their academic performance. This suspension appeal must be submitted promptly and will be given prompt attention and a clear decision, communicated in writing by the Committee on Appeals and Reinstatement.

A successful appeal does not result in removal of the Academic Suspension notation from the student’s record, but it does allow the student to be immediately reinstated for the upcoming semester.

Academic Dismissal

Academic Dismissal from UMBC is a last resort when a student has been on Academic Probation, has been suspended from the university, reinstated, and then performs poorly. Specifically, if a student who has been reinstated after a suspension performs poorly for two consecutive semesters, that student will be Academically Dismissed from UMBC. After the first semester of cumulative GPA less than 2.00 the student is placed on Academic Probation, but a second consecutive semester of performance at that level will result in Dismissal. An Academic Dismissal notation is placed on the student’s permanent transcript. A student who has been dismissed is ineligible to enroll at UMBC. If the student has registered for a future semester, their course schedule will be canceled, as well as any housing or dining contracts.