UMBC uses a split model of advising, with undergraduate students being supported by both faculty and staff advisors within their academic departments as well as dedicated advising staff in the Office for Academic & Pre-Professional Advising (OAPA). In addition to serving the new, explorative, and pre-allied health student populations, OAPA is also tasked with establishing advising standards and best practices for the entire campus community, and with the monitoring of advising outcomes campus-wide.

The UMBC Strategic Plan (2015), the Provost’s Advising Task Force Report (2017), and the Strategic Enrollment Plan (2020) all mandate the ongoing analysis or assessment of advising at UMBC. In compliance with these requirements, in 2022 OAPA began an assessment plan comprehensive of all undergraduate advising at UMBC. Students and advisors are slated to receive advising experience surveys on alternating years, with the data supporting planning for services across campus. Selected results are available for viewing below.