Academic Suspension Appeal

The deadline to submit a Fall 2023 academic suspension appeal has now passed.


UMBC Academic Suspension Policy 

Three consecutive semesters during which the cumulative GPA was below 2.0 will result in Academic Suspension unless the student has achieved a 2.0 or higher semester GPA for the most recent semester. If the student’s most recent performance showed improvement (was at the 2.0 or higher level for the term), the student may remain at UMBC on Academic Probation. 

NOTE: Semesters in which students completed a semester withdrawal as well as Summer and Winter semesters are not factored into consideration for the three consecutive semesters. 


Things to consider before submitting a suspension appeal: 

If you do it thoughtfully, selecting a more suitable field of study can be the best thing you ever did, no matter if you are an entering freshman, a transfer student, or an almost upperclassman who needs to seal the deal on all the credits you’ve been accruing (Perkins, 2022). 
Students who are no longer eligible to pursue their major, should consider a new academic plan. The Office for Academic & Pre-Professional Advising supports students who are in transition between academic programs and can benefit from support with exploring new majors. 
Students should explore alternate academic plans for the upcoming semester if necessary. The Academic Actions & Reinstatement Committee will strive to make fair and equitable decisions regarding reinstatement, and reinstatement for the upcoming semester is not guaranteed. 


Academic Suspension Appeal Checklist 

  • Context on what attributed to your academic performance leading up to the academic suspension
  • Discussion of how those circumstances will change for the upcoming semester
  • A detailed plan for academic success for the upcoming semester
  • Obituary or death certificate – If an immediate family member passed away 
  • Medical documentation on official letterhead from a physician indicating they oversee your care and your readiness to return for the upcoming academic semester
  • Military deployment 

Please note: The contents of your appeal are confidential. As university officials, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our students. As a result, we are obligated to report information to appropriate university personnel if a student’s well-being is at risk.