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Current UMBC Students: You can use one of the convenient links below to schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor.  While all of our advisors are able to assist Exploratory students, some do have specific areas of expertise.  Take note of any special considerations below and on their booking page.  During remote instruction periods, advisors will conduct their appointments by phone or video conferencing. Contact our office at if you have questions about scheduling.




Monique Ransom  Specializing in Pre-Pharmacy Appointment Link
Kelly Simer Specializing in Pre-Nursing Appointment Link
Kelly Fanning Specializing in Pre-Physical Therapy & First-Year Experience Appointment Link
Ericka  Thompson Specializing in Pre-Occupational Therapy & Pre-Physician Assistant Appointment Link











Deanna Cerquetti  Specializing in Pre-Dental Hygiene and Visual Arts without Milestone Appointment Link
Deveraux Smith   Specializing in Sociology & Public Policy and Visual Arts without Milestone Appointment Link
Laszlo Korossy Specializing in Political Science, Pre-Law & Public Policy Appointment Link