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Laszlo Korossy, Ph.D

Laszlo Korossy is the Assistant Director for Academic Advising, Outreach and Assessment. He has been involved in academic advising at UMBC since 2010, when he served as the Advising Coordinator and Pre-Law Advisor for the Department of Political Science. He joined the Orientation program in 2015 and OAPA as an academic advisor in 2018. In addition to his work as an advisor, Laszlo has been an adjunct faculty member of the Department of Political Science since 2013 and has also taught at a number of other regional colleges and universities. His English translation of the Hungarian national anthem has been used at state events in Hungary and the EU, and he produced the first English translation of the Hungarian epic poem The Siege of Sziget, published by Catholic University Press in 2011.

Laszlo received his B.A. in History and Politics in 2008 and his M.A. in Politics in 2009, both from the Catholic University of America. He received his Ph.D. in Public Policy from UMBC in 2016.