Pre-Physician Assistant Advising



Students who are interested in pursuing Pre-Physician Assistant should indicate their interest by completing the Declaration of Major form.  Those students who have already declared an academic major should first plan to see their major advisor to discuss both major and general requirements.  Following that meeting, students can meet with any advisor in the Office for Academic & Pre-Professional Advising to discuss their path to Physician Assistant school.

STEM vs Non STEM Major- Common Pre-Requisites

Pre-requisite courses for Physician Assistant programs can vary greatly, depending on the school and the major that the student plans to pursue.  There is no required major, students can choose a pathway that fits with their future goals and objectives, and meets their personal interests and values.

Information for Students Pursuing a STEM Major

Information for Students Pursuing a Non STEM Major

Beyond the Major: Additional Electives to Consider

The following courses are not required for entrance to Physician Assistant programs, but are great options to consider for your Social Science and Arts & Humanities electives as well as to expand your overall knowledge of health care.